French Authorities Released Bear in the Pyrenees amongst Protests from Locals

7 Oct , 2018 Animals,News

French Authorities Released Bear in the Pyrenees amongst Protests from Locals

In France, two bears were released by decision of the Minister of Ecological Transition, François de Rugy. However, different farmers and ranchers were protesting because one of the bears has killed more than 8 horses and has the whole place on high alert.

Dangerous Animal

One of the 2 animals that were liberated is named Goiat, a bear that had every local alarmed, as they classified it as a wild and dangerous bear since it has killed several horses.

The funny thing is that Goiat isn’t really such a wild and aggressive bear. He would never hurt any human being, which is scientifically proven, given that when he sees someone, he gets really scared and runs away.


Different farmers have carried out several protests in rejection of the bears in the province since one of the bears has attacked some of the cattle and has even killed some animals. Only last year, there were over 1000 animal victims. Their corpses even block the road on streets and highways.

Located In The Pyrenees

By decision of the minister and due to the protests that the farmers started because the bear attacked their cattle, they have relocated the two bears in the Pyrenees (Frances’s mountain).

Bear Plan

The so-called “Bear Plan” was executed, and the minister held a meeting with all those affected by the animals’ deaths and injuries inflicted by the bears. Thanks to this plan, there will be an investment in the affected province’s livestock, tourism, and hunt. Also, bears will be monitored.

The plan has been successfully carried out, and the bears have been relocated. Also, the minister will continue to apply this plan with different animals in France, so they can be free in an environment in which they won’t be abused or hurt.

Having wild animals among citizens can be a very dangerous thing, but nothing will ever be solved by getting rid of them. The best way to deal with them is by having them in a natural and free zone where they can be in their habitat while controlling certain limits to avoid any accident with humans or other animals.

Scientists Discovered a Way to Teach Birds New Tunes and It’s Awesome

2 Oct , 2018 Animals,News

Scientists Discovered a Way to Teach Birds New Tunes and It’s Awesome

Birds are vertebrate animals, warm-blooded. There are so many types of birds in the world that it would be practically impossible to name them all in just 1 hour. They’re a very intelligent type of animal, and some of them even “speak”. Recently, studies have been conducted showing that they can also be taught to sing some melodies. Here we present to you some more interesting facts:

Proven Studies

According to some experts, several investigations have been carried out and they have proven that young birds can be taught to sing some melodies. A fact that’s very great and surprising.

Use Of 30 Birds

Over 30 birds were used in Canada to perform the tests for a specific study carried out to verify this theory. The entire group of birds learned the melody through speakers.

Challenges Overcome

The specialists have undoubtedly overcome all the challenges that this experiment had to face, carrying out various studies at the Savannah Sparrows site, located on Kent Island. There, they studied the birds that live in the island.

Support From Universities

Different parts of the world were supporting these studies, from universities located in Canada to the University of Windsor. They have also created devices to help play any melody so the birds can listen through them and learn.

5 Years Of Study

5 years was the time during which this study was carried out by specialists. They studied each bird that lived in Savannah Sparrow since they were born, right to their adult life, even those who left and then returned to start breeding.

Different groups of birds were studied for many years, which yielded an excellent discovery. And results in which some birds repeated phrases from songs were even achieved, something that had never been seen before. Now you know it’s possible to turn your bird into a humming boom box.

Huskies Eyes – Do You Know Why They’re Blue?

23 Sep , 2018 Animals

Huskies Eyes – Do You Know Why They’re Blue?

The Siberian Husky is one of the greatest dog breeds that exist, and heir blue eyes are one of their most beautiful and outstanding characteristics. In case you don’t know anything about this particular breed, here are some facts:

Duplicated Chromosome

The Husky has chromosome 18 duplicated, which is what causes them to have their peculiar blue eyes. This was revealed through a study conducted by a specialized genetic center, through DNA tests that were done to over 5,000 dogs.

Natives Of Siberia

These dogs were originally born in Siberia. Sometime later, they were used in different parts of Asia to carry heavy loads, and then to drag reindeer.

Difficult To Train

This particular breed is very difficult to train. They are so smart that, according to some studies, Huskies usually have a good behavior on the street, but at home, they totally forget any teaching or training.

They Don’t Bark Much

Despite being dogs, they have another special characteristic: they don’t like to bark too much. They like to howl at certain times, and sometimes they get mistaken for some kind of wolf.

They’re Energetic

These dogs are very energetic, and they serve as companions for any sport or activity you may do. They need a lot of physical activity to maintain their good behavior and not let their rebellious side take over.


Huskies are very healthy because they’re very active. The average life of the Husky is 10 to 15 years.

They Prefer Cool Weather

Huskies are dogs that must be protected from certain climates. They don’t like hot environments, which is why you need to keep them in certain areas with air conditioning. Remember that they have a lot of furs, which is why they have a good protection against cold weathers.

These dogs are a good option to have as home dogs since they’re a very calm breed. However, you need to take some time to do exercise with them. Also, they’re very clean dogs who are ideal to keep you company.