Scientists Discovered a Way to Teach Birds New Tunes and It’s Awesome

2 Oct , 2018 Animals,News

Scientists Discovered a Way to Teach Birds New Tunes and It’s Awesome

Birds are vertebrate animals, warm-blooded. There are so many types of birds in the world that it would be practically impossible to name them all in just 1 hour. They’re a very intelligent type of animal, and some of them even “speak”. Recently, studies have been conducted showing that they can also be taught to sing some melodies. Here we present to you some more interesting facts:

Proven Studies

According to some experts, several investigations have been carried out and they have proven that young birds can be taught to sing some melodies. A fact that’s very great and surprising.

Use Of 30 Birds

Over 30 birds were used in Canada to perform the tests for a specific study carried out to verify this theory. The entire group of birds learned the melody through speakers.

Challenges Overcome

The specialists have undoubtedly overcome all the challenges that this experiment had to face, carrying out various studies at the Savannah Sparrows site, located on Kent Island. There, they studied the birds that live in the island.

Support From Universities

Different parts of the world were supporting these studies, from universities located in Canada to the University of Windsor. They have also created devices to help play any melody so the birds can listen through them and learn.

5 Years Of Study

5 years was the time during which this study was carried out by specialists. They studied each bird that lived in Savannah Sparrow since they were born, right to their adult life, even those who left and then returned to start breeding.

Different groups of birds were studied for many years, which yielded an excellent discovery. And results in which some birds repeated phrases from songs were even achieved, something that had never been seen before. Now you know it’s possible to turn your bird into a humming boom box.

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