Northern Trust startet Crypto Custody Platform ‚Zodia Custody‘

Northern Trust lanciert in Zusammenarbeit mit Standard Chartered einen Crypto Custodial Arm.

Es wird institutionellen Anlegern eine Vielzahl von Depotlösungen anbieten.

Das Unternehmen hat derzeit eine Marktkapitalisierung von 19,4 Milliarden US-Dollar

Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, die Standards für Transparenz entwickeln.

Northern Trust, ein öffentliches Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von 19,4 Milliarden US-Dollar, startet eine gemeinsame Plattform namens Bitcoin Compass, den ersten Ausflug in die Kryptowährung.

Es war ein riesiges Jahr für Institutionen, die sich im Blockchain-Bereich engagieren. Unternehmen wie MicroStrategy, Square und PayPal investieren alle in Kryptowährung oder bieten kryptobasierte Produkte auf ihren Plattformen an.

Wir können dieser Liste jetzt einen weiteren großen Namen hinzufügen, da Northern Trust eine Kryptowährungs-Depotplattform namens Zodia startet . Die Partnerschaft ist eine Zusammenarbeit mit SC Ventures, der Venture-Einheit von Standard Chartered.

In seiner offiziellen Ankündigung wird die Lösung wie folgt beschrieben:

„Zodia kombiniert die traditionellen Depotprinzipien und das Know-how einer Bank mit der Agilität eines Fintech-Unternehmens, um eine Infrastruktur bereitzustellen, die den hohen Standards und Erwartungen institutioneller Anleger über eine Plattform entspricht, die sich an die sich ändernden Bedürfnisse von Kunden und Markt anpasst.“

Zodia bietet Verwahrung für eine Vielzahl digitaler Assets an, darunter Bitcoin , Ethereum , XRP , Litecoin und Bitcoin Cash . Maxime De Guillebon, CEO von Zodia, erklärte:

„Zodia wurde gegründet, um die Notwendigkeit eines Kryptowährungsverwalters zu befriedigen, der das Sorgerecht wirklich versteht. Wir kombinieren den Risikomanagement-, Compliance-, Governance- und Sicherheitsansatz eines regulierten Finanzinstituts mit der neuesten Innovation von Krypto-Asset- und Schlüsselmanagement-Technologien. Auf diese Weise ermöglichen wir betriebliche Effizienz und Transaktionsgeschwindigkeit, ohne Kompromisse bei Sicherheit oder Zuverlässigkeit einzugehen. “

BSN: China is pushing ahead with the BSN blockchain initiative

With the BSN initiative, China wants to take the lead in the digital transformation of the global economy. Now new partners have been won again.

CRYPTO 10 Hedged (C10) is an intelligent index fund that offers investors access to the top 10 cryptocurrencies while limiting the loss of capital through a dynamic cash hedging algorithm

The advantages of this new compatibility are many. Polkadot’s blockchain protocol was developed to connect several specialized blockchains into a unified network. Crypto Engine also enables numerous transactions to be processed on multiple parallel chains. The bottom line is that this leads to higher network capacity. With Chinese regulators scrutinizing decentralized public blockchains, this new integration is the opportunity for Polkadot developers to join BSN’s Open Permissioned Blockchain Initiative.

Oasishas made a name for itself with its financial tools specializing in private and scalable solutions. At Bityuanis a provider of blockchain solutions for Chinese companies. At the beginning of the year, BSN had already realized a significant expansion of its network portfolio. Since then, Ethereum, Tezos, Neo, EOSIO and IrisNet have also been part of the BSN ecosystem. BSN’s goal is to provide a centralized blockchain framework. This would mean that the leading networks would act together under one roof.

Thanks to BSN, China wants to take on a pioneering role

The Blockchain Service Network (BSN) is China’s most ambitious blockchain project. The country is planning to take the lead in the digital transformation of the global economy. BSN was originally launched in 2019. The international version of the network, on the other hand, was launched in July this year. The international publication wanted to give blockchain developers the opportunity to create and operate decentralized applications and thus contribute to the spread of BSN. However, in order to use and manage their own approved projects on BSN International, the developers should have an account on the official website set up.

This website also introduces a number of large global technology and blockchain companies as BSN partners. Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are listed there as providers of cloud services. Hyperledger is noted as an approved blockchain provider.

We have good support from several of the major cloud service providers because they really like the idea and vision of BSN

Bitcoin mining is getting more and more centralized day by day

In the last year, almost half of Bitcoin’s hash rate has been produced by only three mining pools: the sector is less and less democratized.

Following the May 11 halving, Bitcoin Mining (BTC) continues to expand, but the growing concentration of the industry could jeopardize the „democratization of the hash rate,“ according to a presentation discussion at this year’s Mining and Investment Summit.

Organized by Matrixport and sponsored by Bitmain, the 2020 Mining and Investment Summit took place virtually Tuesday morning, bringing together „leading companies in the cryptocurrency mining and financial services sectors with digital assets.

In a presentation entitled „Bringing Bitcoin Mining to a Broader Market,“ Thomas Heller of HASHR8 provided an update on the mining industry, also discussing the strong demand for ASIC products.

Heller pointed out that the market is currently experiencing a „contraction in ASIC supply,“ with a „large group of miners ready to buy. Continuing on, he explained that hardware suppliers Bitmain, MicroBT and Canaan are already taking orders for March-July 2021.

Commenting on the contraction in Bitcoin’s offering, Heller’s presentation indicated:

„North American public and private companies continue to accumulate Bitcoin, as well as expanding their mining operations. Leading to a contraction in BTC’s own offering.“

The rush to Bitcoin by institutions and companies has contributed to the increase in mining revenues, which in turn has caused an increase in demand for new and second-hand ASIC miners. Large miners are expanding their operations during the Bitcoin supply contraction, trying to bring as many hash rates as possible within their borders.

These trends could push the sector’s hash rate further away from democratization, while China continues to dominate. As Heller pointed out, two-thirds of Bitcoin’s hash rate is concentrated in Chinese mining farms.

China is seen as the country with one of the lowest break-even rates for miners in the world. In June, the cost to mine 1 BTC in China was between $5,000 and $6,000, with electricity at $0.04 per kilowatt per hour. Globally, the break-even rate for Bitcoin mining can reach as much as $8,500 in some jurisdictions.

Bitcoin mining is generally considered less accessible to individual miners due to the costs and resources involved. Over the years, pools have consolidated their dominance of the industry. These entities are groups of crypto currency miners that pool their computational resources. Although the distribution is less concentrated than in the past, 45.3% of the hash rate in the last 12 months is attributable to three pools.

Mining pool distribution in Bitcoin

The position and individual ownership of the hash rate are important considerations with regard to decentralization, commented Heller.

HASHR8 recently announced the launch of Compass, a platform that connects Bitcoin miners with verified hosting facilities. The goal of Compass is to democratize mining profitability and introduce more small miners to the industry.

Il principale regolatore bancario spiega i vantaggi di Bitcoin e criptovaluta al Senato degli Stati Uniti

Un alto regolatore sta spiegando al Senato degli Stati Uniti l’importanza della criptovaluta nell’attuale clima economico e nel futuro del settore bancario.

Come parte della sua testimonianza durante un’audizione tenuta dalla commissione del Senato per le banche, l’edilizia abitativa e gli affari urbani, il capo dell’ufficio del controllore della valuta (OCC) Brian Brooks ha fornito dettagli sugli sforzi che l’OCC sta compiendo per garantire Il sistema bancario continua a essere una fonte di forza e sollievo per i consumatori, le imprese e le comunità svantaggiate durante la pandemia.

Brooks sottolinea l’importanza delle innovazioni nella criptovaluta di cui hanno beneficiato milioni di consumatori e aziende americani

“Oggi, circa 60 milioni di americani possiedono un qualche tipo di criptovaluta, con una capitalizzazione di mercato totale di quasi $ 430 miliardi. Queste cifre illustrano chiaramente che questo meccanismo di pagamento è ora saldamente radicato nella corrente principale finanziaria.

La criptovaluta è diventata un meccanismo popolare per inviare e ricevere pagamenti per beni e servizi perché le transazioni vengono pubblicate in tempo reale e forniscono comodità e sicurezza. La Bitcoin Loophole criptovaluta descrive anche categorie di valute di valore specifiche e l’aumento dell’uso di stablecoin dimostra il comfort dei consumatori con il suo utilizzo „.

Mentre gli americani continuano ad abbracciare l’innovazione e nuovi modi di accedere ai servizi finanziari, Brooks afferma che l’OCC ha l’obbligo di fornire indicazioni normative, promuovere l’innovazione responsabile e supportare lo sviluppo di infrastrutture finanziarie sicure, prudenti ed eque.

A tal fine, Brooks descrive in dettaglio i passi importanti intrapresi dall’OCC nel 2020 per fornire chiarezza normativa all’interno dell’industria crittografica

“Il 22 luglio 2020, l’OCC ha pubblicato una lettera interpretativa che chiarisce l’autorità delle banche nazionali e delle associazioni di risparmio federali di fornire servizi di custodia di criptovaluta per i clienti. Le banche nazionali e statali e le società economiche hanno a lungo fornito servizi di custodia e custodia, inclusi oggetti fisici e beni elettronici. L’OCC ha riconosciuto in modo specifico l’importanza delle risorse digitali e l’autorità per le banche di provvedere alla custodia di tali risorse dal 1998 „.

Ripple opens regional office in Dubai after inconsistent Q3 for XRP

Ripple has set up a regional office at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), according to an announcement made on November 7th .

The blockchain-based payment company is said to have chosen the location for its „innovative regulations“. The DIFC website states that the Special Economic Zone serves more than 2,500 companies from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia as an „independent regulator“ with a „proven legal system“.

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Navin Gupta, a managing director at Ripple explained the move as follows:

Ripple already has a significant customer base in the MENA [Middle East and North Africa] region and the ability to co-locate with our customers made the DIFC a natural choice. Our regional office will serve as a stepping stone to introduce our blockchain-based solutions and deepen our relationships with even more financial institutions in the region.

CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen talked about moving the company’s headquarters in San Francisco to a country with greater regulatory clarity than the United States.

The United Arab Emirates-based DIFC allegedly won’t offer blockchain firms like Bitcoin Rejoin any taxes on corporate income and profits for at least 50 years. In addition to the financial center, Dubai Multi Commodities Center (the largest free trade zone in the UAE) announced in January that it was planning to launch a new type of Crypto Valley.

Ripple’s XRP suffers from increased volatility

Ripple’s move comes amid increased volatility in the XRP token compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) in 2020.

According to the XRP market report for the third quarter of 2020 published on November 5, the volatility of XRP was higher than that of BTC and ETH in the third quarter, representing an increase in volatility over the second and first quarters.

Bitcoin Bull Run – Hva står i veien?

Nesten alle i kryptovalutaverdenen er enige om at Bitcoin etter nesten tre år med venting endelig er tilbake på territorium for oksemarkedet. Dette har ført til et utslett av spekulasjoner om hva som skjer herfra og hvor prisen kan være om et år eller to år, men disse menneskene glemmer at det fortsatt er noen enorme stikkpunkter underveis, og en pause på alle tiders høyder er på ingen måte garantert snart.

Vi ser på de tre mest sannsynlige hindringene for en Bitcoin-oksekjøring i månedene og årene fremover:

Sterk amerikansk dollarindeks

Som vi har nevnt tidligere, er det en negativ sammenheng mellom US Dollar Index og Bitcoin. Selvfølgelig kunne de to både stige (og falle) sammen og har gjort det tidligere, men siden 2017 har trenden vært at når verdien av dollaren har steget, har Bitcoins verdi sunket.

Den amerikanske dollarindeksen er i en prekær posisjon akkurat nå etter å ha hatt en nedgangstrend på seks måneder, og det er bare så mye lenger at den kan falle før en reversering.

Institusjonell manipulasjon

Fram til 2017 var Bitcoin en nesten helt detaljhandeldrevet eiendel, og derfor kan du se naturlige markedssykluser frem til det punktet. Med flere og flere institusjoner som kommer om bord, har mediemanipulering og prismanipulering blitt en mer håndgripelig trussel.

Vi så dette med sprengningen av Bitcoin-boblen i 2017 av CFTC da de tillot Bitcoin-futures å starte i desember det året, og med de nylige avsløringer om at JPMorgan-bankfolk manipulerte metallmarkedet i årevis for å holde prisene nede, hva skal man si det samme ting ikke skjer akkurat nå med Bitcoin?

Tøffe forskrifter

De siste årene har kryptovalutamarkedene blitt regulert som aldri før, og du kan satse på at disse regulatorene akkurat er i gang. Mange (om ikke alle) regjeringer liker ikke Bitcoin av åpenbare grunner, og spesielt den amerikanske regjeringen har gitt advarsler om at tunge nye regler er nært forestående for det begynnende markedet.

Skulle et land som USA kunngjøre enormt belastende regelverk det neste året eller to, kan attraktiviteten ved å eie Bitcoin bli kraftig devaluert, med den åpenbare innvirkning på markedene.

Forsiktig optimisme på Bitcoin Bull Run

Disse tre potensielle fallgruvene inkluderer ikke engang svarte svanehendelser som en økonomisk krasj eller en massiv sikkerhetsfeil som alene har makten til å lamme markedet når som helst.

Imidlertid er disse hendelsene mindre forutsigbare (og mindre sannsynlige) enn de tre som er diskutert her, som er veldig reelle og kanskje til og med skjer for øyeblikket.

Så selv om det selvfølgelig er en god ide å ha litt Bitcoin (ikke økonomisk rådgivning, bare vår mening), vil vi alltid oppfordre til litt forsiktighet når du drømmer om din lime green lambo.

As teorias de preço do Bitcoin se aplicam sob estas condições

2020 pode ser o ano do Bitcoin. Com o preço da moeda criptográfica ficando acima de $12.700 3 dias seguidos e acima de $11.000 durante as duas últimas semanas, a Bitcoin parece estar se recuperando novamente. No entanto, as teorias de preço dos maximalistas da Bitcoin têm feito as rondas nos últimos 10 meses.

Embora as tendências de preços não sigam necessariamente um gráfico ou um padrão previsto, muitos maximalistas tendem a olhar para a ação de preços da Bitcoin com uma mente única.

Por que as teorias maximalistas da Bitcoin podem nem sempre se aplicar

Dos gráficos que previam Bitcoin a $100.000 antes da quarta metade à previsão dos gêmeos Winklevoss de $500.000, o crypto-twitter viu tudo isso. No entanto, aqui é importante notar que muitas destas previsões são aparentemente baseadas em uma lógica sólida.

Considere isto – O caso do Bitcoin de $500.000 se baseia no fato de que a Grande Inflação Monetária é alta. O Fed vem imprimindo sua saída da dívida, o que levará a uma inflação maior e a mais dívidas se o ciclo continuar. O fracasso das moedas fiat e instituições centralizadas é a chave para a narrativa de $500.000 de Bitcoin. Inflação e escassez, ergo, são os dois principais motores do preço do Bitcoin, tornando-o mais valioso e mais escasso do que o Ouro.

Por que as teorias Bitcoin Maximalist podem nem sempre se aplicar

Embora tais narrativas se enquadrem na conta e apresentem um caso de alta para a Bitcoin Pro, elas não ajudam a prever o preço da Bitcoin no curto prazo e também não guiam os comerciantes varejistas ou esclarecem seu dilema antes de abrir uma posição longa ou curta. O que ele faz é criar uma mentalidade de rebanho e fazer ovelhas com os comerciantes varejistas.

O dinheiro inteligente sabe para onde está indo. O Grayscale Trust, a MicroStrategy e a Square compraram a Bitcoin no nível de $8000 a $11000. Embora ainda seja impossível determinar se sua entrada no espaço alimentou uma maior participação institucional, isso deu um impulso ao sentimento geral do mercado. Com o preço da moeda criptográfica atingindo agora um máximo de US$ 13.000 e permanecendo lá, é apenas uma questão de tempo até que ela passe de US$ 12700 para US$ 13.000, em média, fechar.

Enquanto estas previsões dos maximalistas pintam um quadro diferente do mercado, o que acontece é totalmente ignorado, pelo menos em seus tweets e comentários. É de conhecimento comum que o varejo é o principal motor do preço do Bitcoin, e não teorias maximalistas sobre o dinheiro de impressão do Fed ou fiat perdendo a preciosa confiança dos cidadãos.

Com vários comícios de preços desde o final de 2018, o preço da Bitcoin é na verdade previsto por uma combinação de sinais, desde gráficos técnicos até volumes de trocas em bolsas à vista. Enquanto a entrada de dinheiro inteligente e o caso de alta apresentado pelos maximalistas atuam como catalisadores, agitando os comerciantes de varejo adormecidos em ação, isso pode ser tudo. A ação real do preço está no volume de comércio e nos livros de pedidos das bolsas.

Considere isto – Nos últimos 2 meses, a queda das reservas de Bitcoin nas bolsas de valores superiores teve um impacto maior sobre a escassez e o preço, do que qualquer outro fator. É também um fator-chave da natureza cíclica do preço da Bitcoin, já que a escassez a cada metade do preço aumenta o preço, tornando assim lucrativo para os mineiros continuar a mineração, apesar dos custos operacionais mais altos. Embora isto seja de conhecimento comum para quase todos os comerciantes do espaço, o que está na superfície chama mais a atenção do que o que está sob a superfície.

Portanto, sim, 2020 talvez seja o ano do Bitcoin, e seu preço pode continuar a subir para tocar novos ATHs em breve. No entanto, o que é importante notar aqui é que o que encontra o olho é apenas a ponta do iceberg!

1,5 miljardia dollaria Bitcoinia on nyt lukittu Ethereumiin

On 131455 Bitcoin on Ethereum eli $ +1,497 miljardia sillä sunnuntaina 11. lokakuuta Se vastaa 3,6% of Ethereum n markkina-arvo, mukaan dashboard mittareihin päällä Dune Analytics.

Selvyyden vuoksi puhumme synteettisestä Bitcoinista – Bitcoinista, joka on muunnettu Ethereum-pohjaisiin rahakkeisiin, jotka edustavat Bitcoinia

Suosituin on Wrapped Bitcoin Trader tai wBTC, jolla on 73% markkinaosuudesta. Seuraava on renBTC , jolla on 20% markkinaosuudesta.

Ihmiset siirtävät paljon Bitcoinia Ethereumiin hyödyntääkseen tämän kesän hajautetun rahoitusbuumin . Sellaiset tuotteet, kuten hajautetut lainaprotokollat, vapaana pidetyt vaihto ja synteettiset johdannaiset – kuten wBTC – olivat kaikki raivoa tänä kesänä. Mutta sinun on käytettävä Ethereum-pohjaisia ​​rahakkeita niiden käyttämiseen.

Lataa Decrypt-sovellus

Hanki sovelluksemme uusimmat uutiset ja ominaisuudet ulottuvillesi. Kokeile ensin Salauksen purku ja paljon muuta.

Ja ne ovat edelleen erittäin suosittuja, vaikka härkätaistelu alkaa hidastua: Sijoittajat ovat liittäneet 10,82 miljardia dollaria DeFi-älykkäisiin sopimuksiin, kuten tänään, DeFi Pulse -tietosivustolla . Se on kymmenkertainen kasvu kesäkuun alusta.

On utelias – kuten eräs Redditor totesi – Ethereum-pohjaisen Bitcoinin 1,5 miljardin dollarin luku on noin 130-kertainen Bitcoinin lukittuun Bitcoinin salamaverkostoon , protokollaan , joka on rakennettu Bitcoin-lohkoketjulle, joka on suunniteltu nopeuttamaan tapahtumia. Salamaverkko on ainoa Bitcoin-pohjainen DeFi-protokolla, joka on lueteltu DeFi Pulsessa, jossa luetellaan kaikki tärkeimmät protokollat. Kaikki muut protokollat ​​perustuvat Ethereumiin.

Tämä osoittaa, että Bitcoinin haltijat ovat yleensä kiinnostuneempia asettamaan Bitcoininsa toimimaan Ethereum-protokollien kuin heidän alkuperäisen Bitcoin-lohkoketjunsa kanssa.

Vaikka joidenkin DeFi-kolikoiden arvo heilahtaa tuulessa, Bitcoinin hinta menee melko hyvin. Se nousi 0,4% viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana tai 7,23% viime viikolla nykyiseen hintaan 11385 dollaria.

Bitcoin nie może być powiązany z tradycyjnymi aktywami – Virgin Galactic Przewodniczący

Chamath Palihapitiya. Źródło: zrzut ekranowy wideo, Youtybe/Bitcoin/CNBC
Jeśli śledzić ruch cen bitcoin (BTC), to wydaje się, że jest on związany z tradycyjnymi aktywami – ale nie może być, ponieważ jest to przeciwieństwo dzisiejszej infrastruktury finansowej, według Chamath Palihapitiya, dyrektor generalny firmy venture capital Social Capital, przewodniczący komercyjnej spaceline Virgin Galactic, a dawny wykonawca Facebook.

„Im więcej ludzi ma obsesję na punkcie działań cenowych i im bardziej chcą, aby zachowywały się one jak akcje lub obligacje, tym bardziej sfrustrowani będą mieli zamiar znaleźć sposób na połączenie punktów, które nie istnieją; to po prostu nie to, co jest“, powiedział inwestor w ostatnim wywiadzie z CNBC.

W tym przypadku, BTC może wydawać się skorelowana z innymi aktywami, powiedział:

„Ale rzeczywistość jest taka, że zasadniczo nie jest, ponieważ opiera się na zestawie przekonań, które są całkowicie ortogonalne w stosunku do ortodoksji, która rządzi dzisiejszym światem, i jest całkowicie odwrotna od tego, jak działa infrastruktura finansowa świata“.

Korelacja Bitcoin i S&P 500

Korelacja pomiędzy Bitcoinem a złotem

Bitcoin nie może być powiązany z aktywami tradycyjnymi – Virgin Galactic Przewodniczący 103
Zdaniem inwestora Bitcoin jest instrumentem używanym jako zabezpieczenie, a nie czymś, czym się handluje. Następnie powiedział, jak już wcześniej zauważył, że 1% bitcoin hedge w portfelu jest polisą ubezpieczeniową, której używa „aby spać spokojnie w nocy na wypadek, gdyby banki centralne i rządy świata nadepnęły na minę lądową, która będzie działać“.

Ale użycie krypty numer jeden na świecie może być scenariuszem, którego tak naprawdę nie chcemy widzieć. „Kupujesz, trzymasz, odkładasz, i szczerze mówiąc, myślę, że masz nadzieję, że nigdy nie będziesz go potrzebował“, powiedział Palihapitiya. „Ponieważ ilość prawdziwego chaosu, który będzie napędzał uznanie Bitcoinów, nie jest czymś, co naprawdę chcemy zobaczyć.“ Ale jeśli tak się stanie, stworzy to „ogromną redystrybucję władzy“, spychając finansową dostępność do krawędzi.

Tymczasem w kwietniu Palihapitiya argumentował, że Bitcoin mógł już stworzyć nowy „quasi złoty standard“ dla świata, że może być postrzegany jako forma „złota 2.0“, i albo idzie do milionów, albo do zera.

Les pièces de monnaie sont pour les pigeons, dit le professeur Steve Hanke

Le professeur Steve Hanke se moque des bitcoiners parce qu’ils sont illettrés financièrement

Les pièces de monnaie sont pour les pigeons, dit le professeur Steve Hanke


  • Bitcoiners et joueurs
  • Analphabétisme en cryptoconnaissance

Steve Hanke, professeur d’économie appliquée à l’université Johns Hopkins, a une fois de plus pris pour cible les Bitcoiners dans son tweet du 5 octobre, en pointant du doigt une étude récente qui est censée exposer leur analphabétisme financier.

Hanke a utilisé le vieil adage selon lequel un pigeon naît à chaque minute, largement attribué au showman et homme d’affaires américain P.T. Barnum.

Les bitcoiners et les joueurs

Selon une enquête de la Banque du Canada publiée en août, les investisseurs ayant de faibles connaissances financières sont deux fois plus susceptibles de placer leur argent dans Bitcoin (8 % et 4 %, respectivement).

Ceux qui ont des compétences financières importantes ont tendance à être plus conscients du Bitcoin, mais ils choisissent d’éviter la monnaie phare qu’est la cryptoconférence.

Cela fait le jeu des critiques de Bitcoin qui pensent que la cryptographie équivaut à un jeu d’argent.

De nombreuses études menées au cours de la dernière décennie ont montré que ceux qui dépensent de l’argent dans les casinos, les loteries et les paris sportifs ont des connaissances financières plus faibles.

Dans un article publié par l’American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), le blogueur financier J.P. Koning écrit que le fait de considérer Bitcoin comme une rébellion contre le système financier corrompu encouragera encore plus les jeux d’argent :

„Si on dit aux joueurs qu’ils ne parient pas vraiment, mais qu’ils aident à renverser l’oligarchie bancaire ou à remplacer l’argent des fiats corrompus, alors ils parieront probablement encore plus“.

Goldman Sachs apporte un contrôle de réalité au marché du cryptage : Steve Hanke, économiste américain
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Goldman Sachs apporte le contrôle de la réalité au Crypto Market : Steve Hanke, économiste américain

Analphabétisme en cryptoconnaissance

Barnum s’est fait connaître par la mise au point de multiples canulars tristement célèbres, comme la sirène „Feejee“.

Son dicton qui illustre comment il y a toujours des gens qui sont prêts à être trompés correspond au récit anti-Bitcoin de Hanke qui compare couramment la pièce orange à la bulle de tulipe néerlandaise et dit qu’il faut l’éviter comme la peste.

Cependant, Hanke – qui s’est lancé dans un projet de pièce de monnaie stable en 2018 – affiche régulièrement son propre analphabétisme en matière de cryptoconnaissance. En août, il a affirmé de façon embarrassante que le bitcoin devrait être lié à l’or, exposant son manque de compréhension de base du fonctionnement de la cryptocouronne.